iPhone app that seamlessly transforms real life objects into impressive 3D models has finally arrived on Android

Epic Games, renowned for its Unreal engine, has expanded its RealityScan app to Android devices, following its successful debut exclusively for iPhone users in December 2022. This cutting-edge photogrammetry application allows users to effortlessly generate high-fidelity 3D models of objects by leveraging multiple smartphone or tablet photos. In addition to broadening its platform compatibility, the app introduces a host of enhancements and seamless integration with Sketchfab, enabling users to easily share and manipulate their 3D creations.

Epic Games Expands RealityScan App to Android, Enhancing Photogrammetry Capabilities
Epic Games Expands RealityScan App to Android, Enhancing Photogrammetry Capabilities

RealityScan on Android: Widening Access:

Android users can now experience the capabilities of the RealityScan app, provided their devices support ARCore and run Android 7 (API level 24) or higher. Simultaneously, iPhone and iPad users are required to have iOS 16 or later versions to enjoy the app’s features. Epic Games’ commitment to cross-platform accessibility underscores its dedication to democratizing 3D modeling and photogrammetry technologies.

Enhanced Features and Streamlined Workflow:

With the latest update, the RealityScan app offers a revamped user interface and intuitive workflows, ensuring a seamless scanning experience. A new step-by-step workflow guides users through the scanning process, making it more accessible to both novice and experienced users alike. The app’s Project Library now allows users to identify and remove unconnected images, while facilitating the addition of new images to replace unwanted ones. Moreover, the integration of an embedded Sketchfab viewer within the app enables users to preview their models directly from the Project Library, showcasing how they will appear when shared on Sketchfab.

Seamless Integration with Sketchfab:

In a recent blog post, Epic Games explained that users can export their 3D models to Sketchfab, a popular platform for sharing 3D content. The integration allows users to freely upload their models, although the upload limit depends on their Sketchfab plan. Moreover, users making their first upload will receive a complimentary one-year upgrade to Sketchfab Pro. This integration expands the reach of RealityScan models and encourages collaboration within the Sketchfab community.

Thriving Community and Future Outlook:

Following the release of the RealityScan app for iPhone users in 2022, Epic Games witnessed an overwhelming response, with over 200,000 downloads and the creation of thousands of models uploaded to Sketchfab. The company’s dedication to fostering a vibrant community of creators and innovators continues to drive its efforts in expanding the capabilities and accessibility of RealityScan.

Epic Games’ RealityScan app has transcended platform boundaries with its expansion to Android, bringing its powerful photogrammetry capabilities to a wider user base. The app’s seamless integration with Sketchfab enhances the sharing and collaboration potential for 3D models, while the streamlined workflow and improved user interface make the scanning process more efficient. As the RealityScan community continues to grow, Epic Games remains committed to empowering users and driving innovation in the realm of 3D modeling and photogrammetry.

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