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Best way to lock iphone apps like Android, in this article you will find how to Lock your iphone apps like Photos, Files, Instagram, Facebook as well as other apps you can secure all your iPhone apps.

I am telling you a very simple method to lock your iphone apps. 

Those who move from Android phone to iPhone complain that we have given so much money in the iPhone, but there is no app lock system in it.

Although this is not completely true, there is an app lock in the iPhone for many applications, but you cannot lock every application. But I will tell you how you can do this thing today.

First see which application has an app lock, an example of this is WhatsApp in front of us. Here I open WhatsApp in my iPhone and it is asking for my Face ID and WhatsApp is telling Lock. This is because they have given this setting in WhatsApp that you can lock the app.

And the same thing applies to all banking applications, even on Google. But this is not all, there are many things in our iPhones, for example, our photo application.

Now a friend of mine tells me, let me call my phone, I give it to him, he can’t keep an eye on it all the time, he will go to the side to talk, And he will open photos, Instagram, check my DM, anything can happen.

It is very important to stop this thing. And for this, our method today is completely free, you don’t need to download any application, you don’t need any third-party app.

It is very simple, you just have to follow this trick in your iPhone and enable it.

So let me give you a quick demo of how you can do it. And you have to do it once, you don’t have to do it every time.
Once you set it, it is set forever.

For this, an application comes in your iPhone, built-in, free with iOS, that is the Shortcuts application.

  • If you open it, you will see something like this.

  • You don’t have to worry about all this, you just have to tap on Automation.
  • If you tap on Automation, you will see a plus icon on the top right.

  • You have to tap on this, and here you have to tap on Create Personal Automation.
  • After that, you have to scroll down a little and tap on the app that is written here.

  • Is Open should be selected here.
  • And from here, you select the app, by clicking  on Choose, which application you want to lock from here.

  • Now you can also search here, like I search for Photos here.

  • And here I choose the photo application from here, and then I tap on Done.

  • Here we have to tap on Next, and then tap on Add Action.

  • Here you have to simply search for LOCK.
  • And here it will be written, Lock Screen, select it.

  • Tap on Next,

  • Turn off Ask Before Running,

  • Tap on Don’t Ask.

Here, Notify When Run should also be turned off. After that, tap on Done, your automation has been created.

Now you have to come out of this, and here I will give you a demo of what we have done. So here we try to open the Photos app, and here you can see that our phone is locked.

In this way, whichever application you have chosen, if you go to open it, your phone will be locked. Until you don’t put a Face ID or Passcode, your phone will not be unlocked.

Now you can see that your phone is locked. Now when I put my Face ID here, my Photos app will be opened. And here if you want, you can also select multiple apps at the same time.

How to lock multiple apps in iPhone? 

  • The Choose Application menu you opened, In that, you just have to select whatever application you want to lock here.
  • Like here I have locked Instagram, I want to lock Amazon. And with this, I want to lock the Calculator. I am just telling you an example like this. After that, I tap on Done.
  • Rest, you can see here that any of the three apps are being written in the app. You can put as many apps as you want together. 
  • Then you have to tap on Next.
  • Then you have to go to Add Action and search for Lock Screen.
  • After tapping on Lock Screen, you have to follow the same steps again.
  • Tapped on Next, turned off Run as before.
  • Tapped on Done, and now we will open those three applications is locked. 

As soon as we opened Instagram, our phone was immediately locked. This is a very simple and effective method, To lock those applications in your iPhone. Which Apple does not support you to lock applications.

But it can’t save your applications from those people. Who already know your passcode. Like a member of your house. But definitely, it will save your phone, application and private data from those people. Whom you have just unlocked the phone. 

And after that, he tries to open something. Like you watched some videos, you went to the washroom. And someone is having fun with your phone. Then that thing will not happen. So how did you like this free simple method of locking the app?

Do let me know in the comments. And after trying this method, what is your experience?Do let me know in the comments. 

I hope you liked today’s article.

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