What is Couples Therapy | What is flip flop shoes | what will happen if Paracetamol overdose

 Couples and lovers think of many ways to save their relationship. But, at certain points, it is difficult to avoid fights, disagreements and arguments.

However, they will not fail to continue working to resolve differences with their partners. Couples therapy is one of the important solutions for this.

This therapy can help those lovers or couples to come closer to each other.

It helps to understand the root cause of the problem.
What is Couples Therapy | What is flip flop shoes | what will happen if Paracetamol overdose

Reflective listening

Instead of making them feel that they are wrong, you can make them realize how much it hurt you.
Similarly, when you say that it happened because of you, give the correct alternative to that thing as well. For example, to refuse a job, you can say that it is difficult for me to do, rather than saying that I will not be able to do it.

Express appreciation

It is good to highlight your partner’s shortcomings and overcome them, but along with criticism, make a habit of praise.
Make sure you praise your partner instead of criticizing him. This will make them realize how important they are to you.

6 second kiss

This is the best way to restore the troubled love relationship.

Because when a person kisses his partner for more than 6 seconds, then the level of stress in the brain decreases.

Through this small quarrels will be eradicated and good relations will be formed between couples or lovers.


Are flip flop shoes your regular choice?
Know what the consequences are!
This type of shoes is liked by everyone as they are easy to wear and comfortable. Also, they dry up quickly during the rainy season.

  1. It has a strap that goes all the way down to the foot. It connects the ankles to the toes. This is called the plantar fascia.
  2. Wearing flip flops can cause heel pain because they put pressure on the tendons when walking for long distances.
flip flop shoes

flip flop shoes…..

  • Walking in flip flops can cause calf sprains because the muscles at the front of the feet feel more pressure.
  1. Avoid wearing flip flops if your feet sweat a lot. Because feet rub on shoe straps. If this is not taken care of, then excessive sweating in those areas can lead to blisters.
  2. These types of sandals can cause sprains in the heels.



What will happen when you take Paracetamol overdose?

Studies have shown that people who take too much paracetamol can suffer from liver damage.

A study was conducted on 125 children aged one month to 18 years. Those who were admitted to the hospital with liver damage between 2014 and 2019. Of these, liver damage was found in two out of 10 due to excessive consumption of paracetamol.

  1. Paracetamol, to be given in the form of drops, Should be put in a spoon.
  2. Its only good thing is that if it is detected early, it can be fixed very quickly.

Need attention

  1. Some parents want children to stop fever immediately high doses of paracetamol.
  2. Where 120 mg should be given, the same one spoon i.e. 500 mg is given.
  3. The liver is the filter of the body. If a child’s liver takes too long to process paracetamol, it may stop working. 

India’s first cervical cancer vaccine launched

According to the World Health Organization, every year 1,23,000 people are affected by ovarian cancer and 67,000 die in India.

A first of its kind vaccine has been developed in India amid a global shortage of ovarian cancer vaccines.
NK Arora, chairman of the National Technical Advisory Committee for Vaccines, has said that women should self-vaccinate.

The World Health Organization recently reported that India accounts for one-fifth of the cases of cervical cancer worldwide.

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