Top 5 countries with highest cyber crimes

 The rise of cyber crime in India

Key statistics & facts

US, UK, India, Canada and Australia

Source: 2019 Internet crime report, FBI

Did you know?

Cyber crimes in India caused a loss of 1.25 lakh crores in 2019 1.25 lakh crores as per National Cyber Security Coordinator.

Rise in numbers throughout the years

Source: 2019 Internet crime report, FBI

Top 3 states with highest reported cyber crime cases (2017-2019)

Karnataka – 27.0% UP – 25.6%  Maharashtra – 11.2%

Motive of cyber crimes in metropolitan cities – 2019

166 cases Sexual exploitation

225 cases Causing Disrepute

1763 cases Fraud

Few report to police Since last year, 2 lakh complaints have been filed on the cyber crimes portal, but FIRS have been registered only in 5,000 cases. 

In July, over 30,000 complaints were registered but FIRS were registered only for 273

A cause of concern 80% Indians have experienced cyber crimes at least once compared to 56% people globally 7 hours is the average time spent resolving cyber crimes by Indians in 2019.

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