COVID-19 vaccine FAQs What we know so far

 COVID-19 vaccine FAQs

Who will approve the COVID-19 vaccine?

Normally, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves any vaccine but in the case of COVID-19, vaccine makers will apply for emergency-use authorization (EUA) to bypass the six month follow-up study and release the vaccine in the emergency

Were shortcuts taken to develop these recent COVID-19 vaccine prospects?

According to vaccine makers, the same scientific process was followed to create the COVID-19 vaccine that goes into developing any vaccine but the development process was sped up

Can a vaccinated person get infected with COVID-19?

Studies so far show that the vaccines can only protect against getting sick with the disease and may not prevent being infected with the virus thus wearing a mask and following other public health protocols will be necessary.

How many doses of the vaccine will India get?


According to Serum Institute of India CEO, India has a capacity of 40 million monthly doses at the moment and is expected to increase to 100 million in subsequent months

How much will the vaccine cost in India?

According to Serum Institute of India CEO, the vaccine could cost between 500-600 in the private market for general public

How soon can a COVID-19 vaccine be expected in India?

The vaccine is expected to be available to the vulnerable population by January-February and to the general public by March-April

This timeline depends on the results of Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, given by the UK authorities – MHRA and approval for emergency use by European EMEA

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