COVID-19 Vaccine Nationalism Explained

 What is vaccine nationalism?

When developed countries or nations with more money are able to secure a large number of vaccines by striking pre purchase deals with pharma companies before they are made available in other countries.

Which countries have already secured deals?

Reportedly, countries like Britain, France, Germany and the US have entered into pre-purchase agreements with Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers.

Doses pre-booked by US

More than 800 million doses have been booked by the United States.

The bookings make it more than 2 doses for every citizen in the country.

It has entered into an agreement with 6 different companies Total cost: US $10 Billion.

Doses pre-booked by UK

UK has booked more than 340 million doses

The bookings make it more than 5 doses for each of its citizens

The current agreement is with 6 leading vaccine developers

India’s status on vaccine pre-bookings

India has not entered any agreement to pre-book any vaccine but Indian companies have obtained licenses from different developers to manufacture their own vaccine

Agreements have been made with at least 4 developers.

Indian companies are also developing vaccines

What are its drawbacks?

It puts countries with fewer resources and bargaining power at a disadvantage. If countries with a large number of cases lag in obtaining the vaccine, the disease will continue to disrupt global supply chains and, as a result, economies around the world.

The solution: Vaccine for all

WHO is leading a global facility to ensure universal access to vaccines. They are pre-booking vaccines from several developers to make sure that the neediest have access to the vaccine in every part of the world

Funds required: US $16 Billion Funds pledged by countries till now: US $2 Billion

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