What is Air India One’?

Air India One’, a Boeing 777 aircraft, will fly the President, Vice President and Prime Minister on international state visits.

Currently, they travel on Air India Boeing 747 planes, which have served for nearly 25

About the aircraft

Air India has received the first of two Boeing 777 aircraft which have cost an estimated 8,400 crore

These VIP aircraft, built in America, will be operated by the Indian Air Force.

When did it land in India?

The first aircraft landed at the Delhi International Airport on October 1 it reached  after undergoing retro-fitment in the US for India over two years.

The second aircraft is likely to come to India by October-end.

What’s special about the new aircraft?

The aircraft is equipped with missile defence systems –

Large Aircraft Infrared

Countermeasures (LAIRCM)

and Self-Protection Suites (SPS)

What is LAIRCM?

LAIRCM consists of missile warning sensors, a laser transmitter assembly, control interface unit, and processors to detect, track, jam and counter incoming infrared missiles.

This brings Air India One on par with Air Force One, which flies the US President.

Other features of the aircraft

The WIP aircraft is equipped with an advanced communications system that allows mid-air audio and video connection with top-tier security.

The aircraft also includes

VIP suite

Two conference rooms

Press briefing room

Medical room

Secure communications room with network jammers

Designing of the aircraft

Air India One has got painted with Ashok Emblem on one side, ‘Bharat in Hindi and India’ in English on the other side.

भारत INDIA

सत्यमेव जयते

Also, the tail has the Indian National Flag painted on it.

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